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Bubble Gum Flavored Apples?! This IS Crazy!


Just like it isn’t particularly healthy (mentally or physically) to simply hide your kids vegetables by cooking them once, hiding them in a new food and then cooking them again, it isn’t healthy to tell your kids that they can have their apples and their bubble gum too – at the same time.

Yuck. This isn’t just CRAZY, it’s cray-cray! Parents who buy these are essentially guaranteeing that their kids won’t like any foods that don’t taste like Laffy Taffy.

By the way, I’ve been relentless (in a nice, prize-filled, “you’re so healthy!” supportive way) in making my daughter eat 5 different fruits and vegetables a day. And it is working! So if you’re having trouble with your kids and food…don’t give up!


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