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Learn about the HFHY Revolution in The Forward!

I know it’s a long time coming… but I want to share an article in The Forward about my books and session at the Hazon Food Conference. See an excerpt and click on the link below to see the complete article and accompanying recipe.

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Vegan Enchilada Casserole by Rhea Yablon Kennedy


Natasha Rosenstock Nadel wants you and your family to follow a simple, delicious plant-based diet that consists of whole foods.

“I’m starting the revolution and I want you to join me and start a revolution where you live,” Nadel told workshop attendees at the Hazon Food Conference at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in late December.

“I’m a journalist, not a nutritionist,” the Washington, DC-based writer and mother of two informed her audience, “but I’ve done 10 years of research so you don’t have to.”

Accordingly, Nadel includes a list of resources — from case studies and reports to books and documentary films — in her new book, “Healthy Family, Healthy You: The Healthy Mama’s Guide to feeding your family well — simply and sanely!”

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***By the way, do you have the Healthy Family, Healthy You books yet? If not, you are missing out on dozens of healthy ideas and recipes you can use every day to feed your family well – simply and sanely! Get them today!

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My New Jewish Food Experience Article and Recipe

[If you’re looking for more info or to register for Sunday’s 15 minute meal workshop in Potomac, MD, click here!]

Jewish Food Experience

Substitution is Your Strategy

by Natasha Nadel
Here is an excerpt from a recent story (with a link to my recipe for vegan lasagna) I wrote for

Nothing in life is free, especially when it comes to food. Warm up store-bought or frozen lasagna to make your weeknights easy, and you will have enough saturated fat and sodium for days. Substitute artificial sweetener for sugar, and you’ll have a dish that tastes artificial and still elicits the same insulin response as sugar.

I believe that substitution is the key strategy everyone should employ when trying to improve one’s own diet or that of their family. However, that doesn’t mean substituting with fake food. For instance, the strategic plan I outline in my book, Healthy Family, Healthy You: The Healthy Mama’s Guide to feeding your family well – simply and sanely!, calls for examining your everyday meals and finding easy plant-based substitutions. To read the rest, here’s the live link to the cover story.

Click on the screenshots below (or the linked words in this sentence) to go to permanent PDFs of the cover story and the recipe.

JFE Cover

Substitution is Your Strategy Story JFE

Substitution is Your Strategy Story JFE

JFE Lasagna Recipe

JFE Lasagna Recipe

This recipe can also be found in my book, Healthy Family, Healthy You: The Healthy Mama’s Guide to feeding your family well – simply and sanely!

Find over 100 additional easy, healthy recipes in The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook.

No goats were harmed in the writing of this blog post…

What a great way to start off to a healthy new year! I’ve just returned from the Hazon Food Conference, an event I’ve had the pleasure of covering for various Jewish publications 4 times. This year, I presented my new signature workshop, “Three Secrets to a Healthy Family, and a Healthy You,” and participated in the author book signing and sale.

book signing hazon food conference 2 Book signing hazon food conference 1
Photos by Alexander Rapaport

(For more workshop info, go here). Here’s a link to past conference blogs and coverage, including the famous LA Jewish Journal goat cover! jewishjournal2007_larger

We had so many great discussions that I didn’t even get through all of my material. I know I prepared correctly though because I was able to answer most of the questions with information I’d planned to present anyway. People have so many questions in the areas of nutrition, healthy recipes and feeding kids well, I had questions before we even started. They were great ones too, like what to give kids for breakfast, traveling (not necessarily with kids). quick and healthy meals, and how to give an underweight kid more calories without resorting to ice cream.

Here are the answers in case you were wondering…

Good breakfasts for kids (These are all in my books, but I’ll also link to original versions that I’ve published on my website):

Green Smoothie with nut butters or seeds like chia or hemp.  You can even sprinkle the hemp seeds on top and eat them off with a spoon or using your straw.
Tofu scramble and Overnight Mueslix
Chia seed pudding
Easy Granola Bars/Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mini Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Travel tips

Chia seed pudding is also an easy meal or snack to make on the road.

How to “Fatten up” kids without resorting to ice cream!

Healthy but higher in fat and calorie foods (for underweight kids)

  • Fruit salad topped with cashew cream.
  • Avocado boats! Split 1 avocado in half. Detach the avocado flesh from the skin of one half of the avocado. Mash it inside the half. Mix with lemon juice or salsa, depending on your child’s tastes. If you’re packing a lunch, know that the flesh could turn dark on top if an acid, like lemon or lime juice, is not mixed in. Place a toothpick in the narrow side of the half for your flagpole. Then use fun kid’s tape to make a little flag.
  • Energy bites made with nuts, cacao powder and dates.

There may have also been a question about quick and healthy meals. My Healthy Mama’s Guide has the Magic 8 Authorized Fast Food List. That and The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook both have numerous super quick meal ideas. In that vein, I must insist you believe me that the information, strategies and recipes in my books apply to everyone, single, living alone, or with 10 kids!

Look for upcoming blogs that came out of the Food Conference, including “Greening your Kiddushim” and “Reducing Food Waste with Delicious Recipes!”