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(Off Topic) Alternative Jewish Education cover story in Kol haBirah

(Off Topic) Alternative Jewish Education cover story in Kol haBirah

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I know some of my subscribers/readers don’t live by me, aren’t Jewish, only want healthful recipes, etc… But for everyone else… I wanted to share with you my latest published feature article in the new DC area Jewish newspaper, Kol HaBirah.

Jewish parents may choose to send their child to a secular school, whether public or private, for any number of reasons. The cost of private school is high; transportation can pose challenges; perhaps their child is gifted, has a special need, or even both. Non-Orthodox American Jews have a long history of sending their children to Sunday school and Hebrew school, generally until their bar or bat mitzvah, but sometimes beyond. For Orthodox parents who choose to send their children to any school other than a full-time Jewish day school, there is pressure to ensure that their children still receive a Jewish education.

Investigation within the Greater Washington Jewish community reveals that there are several modes of Jewish education currently in use in addition to these traditional staples…

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