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Winter Break Creative Writing/Creativity Camp 2nd – 5th graders

Click here for application.

5 spots left!

Imagine your child literally jumping up and down with excitement over an experience that will build their self-esteem, self-confidence, and skills inside and outside of the classroom. My students do this during every class. Nothing would make me happier than to see your child join the group of confident and creative children who have come out of my creative writing programs. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Tademoto, recognized and ignited the writer’s spark in me. Let me be your child’s Mrs. Tademoto!
You can easily make this a reality for your child and begin in just 2 weeks from now!

5 spots left! 

Click here for application.

Private Tutoring

Every child and adult can create joy in their lives through writing! My experience with both adults and children (primarily 2nd-5th graders) has proven this to me. 

If you are an adult looking for a creative/fun outlet or help with workplace writing, I can create a personalized program for you to accomplish your goals.

If you would you like your child’s self-esteem to soar; their confidence and skills (inside and outside of the classroom) to flow out of their pores and touch everyone they meet, contact me about my writing workshops and private tutoring. 

Every day that I teach children to express themselves, at whatever level is right for them, is a day that I see them literally jumping up and down with excitement over their creations.

Whether your child is struggling or soaring in school, this is a gift they will carry with them through the rest of their life.

Contact me to arrange private or group creative writing coaching, classes, or camp.

Children will:

Be inspired to come up with creative fiction stories and/or entertaining non-fiction essays

Learn how to organize their great ideas

Improve their powers of observation and expression

Create a finished writing project they and their family will treasure for many years

I work in the DC area and can come to your home, school, camp or community center. I also teach at my home in Montgomery County.

We can meet in-person or by Skype.

My creative writing work is also the perfect complement to home schooling.

Start to get excited! You can even jump up and down a little before you get in touch with me!

Winter Break Creativity Camp – Registration Open!

Winter Break Creative Writing/Creativity Camp

2nd-5th graders

  • Your child will expand their imagination, confidence and creativity.
  • Walking Field trips! ACTIVE in-class exercises!  Dress-up performances!  
  • Your child will discover a world of possibility for their expanding imaginations.
  • Your child will discover their inner talent; and their confidence will grow exponentially!

We will use the camp to practice our powers of observation and description. This will deepen your child’s ownership of these skills, should they join me for Creative Writing Club during the spring semester, and contribute to their general confidence and growth in school.

Dates, Time, Location

Date: December 27-29, 2011

Time: 2:30-4:30pm

Location: My home. 11812 Greenleaf, Potomac.


Tuesday, Day 1 – Candy Man!

Wednesday, Day 2 – Anthropology walk to Cabin John/Baskin Robbins

Thursday, Day 3 – Slurpee day and nature walk

Cost: $87 (Fee includes field trips and all materials, including yummy creative snacks, notebooks, etc…)

Registration is open! Space is limited so sign up now!

Click here for the application.


“I love creating my own stories and using my imagination. Writing is actually fun!” – 5th grade student

“I love that my girls are enjoying writing and letting their imaginations create wonderful stories and that they are actually doing it in their free time.” – Mom of two current students