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Mega-Purim Post! Cute Mini Stuff in Mason Jars!

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This week we are all about Purim around here! The Healthy Family, Healthy You family is rocking a Healthy Family, Healthy You mishloach manot theme this year! Mini zucchini, mini banana, mini pepper and a tiny bag of chopped nuts from (great resource!). We are always adventurous with hamantaschen (and of course we use a vegan recipe) around here. This year we used healthy homemade nutella from, chocolate chips, orange marmalade and raspberry jam. and then, in the hamantaschen: We made plain raspberry, plain orange marmalade, plain chocolate chip. But these combo orange chocolate hamantaschen were my favorite. Happy Purim!…
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Unbelievable Brownies! Half Healthy, All Insanely Good!

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The truth is, making a cake from scratch isn’t a big deal and doesn’t even take much longer than a cake mix. And brownies? Seriously exactly the same as a mix. The other advantage of making a cake or brownies from scratch, particularly brownies (because they’re always chocolate!), is that you can use cacao powder. That’s like cocoa powder before all the antioxidants are stripped from it. Cacao powder can actually have more antioxidants than blueberries! You know that whole, “But chocolate is good for you…” line we’ve been hearing for a few years. It actually can be true. But no, not a milk chocolate bar. Sorry!

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