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T minus 3 days!

T minus 3 Days until the Healthy Family Healthy You Book recipe testing is over! Have you tested one yet? Get a sneak peak at great recipes. See my blog about the gifts I’m giving to my testers. And of course I’ll thank you personally in the book! Go to my Facebook page or email me at

Here’s what’s left:

1.    Summer Breakfast Popsicles

2.    Simplest Brownies and Caramelized Bananas

3.    Avocado Toast

4.    Roasted Cherry Borscht

5.    Artichoke Tushies! (Aka Bottoms)

6.    Mom’s Tuna Pasta Salad – Veganized!

7.    Lani’s Raw Marinara

8.    Tasha’s Raw, Chunky Marinara

9.    Turn your pasta into a salad

10. You won’t miss the cheese pasta for kids and grown ups!

11. Colorful stirfy

12. Tofu steaks and sticks

13. Vegan Hoagies and Eggless Tofu Salad

14. “Chicken” Parmesan

15. Vegan Cheese Enchilada Casserole

16. Healthy Chinese Dinner (aka Shabbat in an hour!)

17. Mushroom Stroganoff

18. Portabella “Bacon Burgers”

19. Spaghetti Bar

20. Baked Spaghetti Betty Bowl

21. Tostadas

22. Healthy Tostada Bowls

I am asking my testers to do the following:

  1. Purchase ingredients and make recipe
  2. Let me know if the directions were clear or if something might be missing.
  3. Tell me how it tasted.
  4. Tell me if they have any suggestions.

And do it all by Sunday at the latest!

Thank you in advance!!!! Let me know how I can help you in the future!

p.s. In case you missed it, there’s still time to read and use the Healthy Family, Healthy You Pesach blog, “10 Healthy Passover Short Cuts – Just for You! for all sorts of (mostly) healthy, all vegan, Passover recipes, resources and ideas!

You can also check out my Passover Pinterest board.



10 Healthy Passover Short Cuts! Just for you!

If you’re looking for Passover shortcuts, read this blog post!

I take pride in the fact that my guests leave my house full, but not sick to their stomachs. Passover should be no different! I’m in full recipe gathering mode. This time of year I’m less inclined to work on developing my own recipes. It’s already complicated enough to kasher the house for Pesach, plan healthy plant based Passover food, and cook it all myself.

I have received a couple of potential reprieves! Shalom Kosher


has lots of great vegetarian options for takeout this year and


soupergirl logo

the healthy kosher vegan place, is going Star-K kosher for Pesach (and thereafter)!

In addition, see this article: Whole Foods expands its Passover offerings this year.

Here are a number of Passover shortcuts, recipes and resources I’ve already gathered for this year.

First, the best $4.99 I’ve ever spent:  e book by Rina Reich of She lives in Israel and has been vegan since 2010. With a number of vegan Passovers under her belt, she has the traditional foods down. That’s not something I’ve focused on for Passover, but she has vegan Pesach recipes for everything from mayonnaise to carrot kugel and kishke. I feel like I have a cheat sheet or a playbook without doing any work. Vegan or not, a week of only traditional foods like kugel and kishke is a little much for me. But I do want to have those options and be able to incorporate more traditional foods into my Seder menu and now I have the tools at my finger tips. I can’t recommend this book enough. If you don’t care about vegan but you have an egg allergy, making Passover complicated, this is also an amazing resource for you.


Not surprisingly the author is a web developer, which is probably why she thought to land the awesome URL

You can always count on my buds over at Joy of Kosher!

joy of kosher

Raw Date Brownies by Chana Schottenstein

Spaghetti Squash with Vodka Sauce by Whitney Fisch

Cauliflower Couscous by Judita Wignall


Nava Atlas’s book Vegan Holiday Kitchen is always my go-to, as is the Passover section on her website.

  nava atlas logo


Kosher on a Budget

koab logo

18 foods that don’t need special pesach kosher certification


I’m going to do gorgeous things with veggies like I did last year. My new veggie noodle maker, mandolin and chip maker from Stevie Friedman at Pampered Chef will help me tremendously. Order before Sunday at 8pm, with this link for reduced shipping costs. After that, order here.

pampered chef logo

My other healthy Passover tricks of the trade:

Sorbet truffles

Using silicone muffin cups, layer three different colors of sorbet (This is an idea from a Susie Fishbein cookbook). My own take: Even better than the chemical filled Passover sorbets, puree your own fruit and layer it. When the contents have frozen and you’re ready to serve, simply peel away the silicone muffin cups and you have a beautiful three color layered dessert. It doesn’t get too much easier than that.

Well, maybe it does. My other

Easy Pesach desserts

Chocolate dipped bananas and strawberries and chocolate bark.

Melt chocolate chips. Dip banana chunks in the chocolate, place on a tray covered with wax paper and freeze. For strawberries, you’ll want to put them in the refrigerator, not freezer. And for chocolate bark, you can use pomegranate seeds, nuts or even candy. Line a cookie sheet or a container with parchment paper. Pour in melted chocolate and press toppings into the chocolate. Place in the freezer until ready to serve.

For starch, skip the matzo and matzo meal at each and every meal.

Instead, use sweet potato and butternut squash. You can also use your food processor (Get a cheap one for Pesach. I promise it is worth it!) to make rice out of cauliflower. Then saute it on the stove top, with the flavors and vegetables you prefer, such as spinach, onions and garlic.
You can also check out last year’s Passover post and my general healthy holiday advice.

I look forward to hearing about your challenges and successes this Pesach! Go to my Facebook page to share or get advice or email me at any time.

Chag Sameach!




Mega-Purim Post! Cute Mini Stuff in Mason Jars!

This week we are all about Purim around here!

The Healthy Family, Healthy You family is rocking a Healthy Family, Healthy You mishloach manot theme this year!

2015-03-04 13.32.04

Mini zucchini, mini banana, mini pepper and a tiny bag of chopped nuts from (great resource!).

We are always adventurous with hamantaschen (and of course we use a vegan recipe) around here. This year we used healthy homemade nutella from, chocolate chips, orange marmalade and raspberry jam.

2015-03-04 14.08.52

and then, in the hamantaschen:

2015-03-04 14.03.02

We made plain raspberry, plain orange marmalade, plain chocolate chip. But these combo orange chocolate hamantaschen were my favorite.

2015-03-04 13.52.35

2015-03-04 13.55.24

Happy Purim!