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New Recipe! Healthy Lunch or Sophisticated Appetizer

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Looking for a new, healthy lunch option? What about a sophisticated appetizer? You can put this Tofu Egg Salad on whole grain bread, a grain-free wrap (like Blue Mountain basil coconut wraps) for lunch…or put it in a pepper bowl (ooh – what about stuffed into a baby pepper?!) for a sophisticated appetizer or first course. Let me know how you use it!

Start your Healthy New Year with a Healthy Holiday!

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At Rosh Hashanah we wish one another a happy, healthy and sweet new year. Unfortunately, sometimes the sweet is a bit too much of the focus! Heavy, calorie and meat-laden meals are not the best way to start a happy and healthy New Year! We think that tons of sweets and big meals will make us happy, but in the end they don’t…not in a physical or mental way.

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