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Tante Tasha!

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I’m now Tante (Aunt) Tasha! How exciting! No, not Lani…my brother and sister-in-law, Harrison and Michelle. We drove to New Jersey for a shabbos bris. So fun! I love their friends and family. It felt like their wedding in Acapulco where everyone spent the whole weekend together. There were many jokes about being glad they did not have the bris in Acapulco! Lani and I had our 30th birthday there together. They gave us a cake and sang in English, Spanish and Hebrew. It was a very unique birthday.

We drove up with Avital on Thursday. Of course we left three hours later than planned, but we also thought we’d have to stop a ton for her. She slept the entire time. She’s a good traveler in that way, like when she slept the whole time on the plane to and from Chicago. However, now that we’re home she is not a happy girl. It was just a lot of people and stimulation for her. Maybe it’s good that the sitter is off today and tomorrow and we’re keeping her at home with Aunt Lani and Grandma. And now me, now that the power is out downtown. I think I have a cold anyway. I usually get a cold when the seasons change. I didn’t this year but now that Mother Nature can’t decide what season it is, I think I’ve got it.

Anyway, on Friday last week we went into Manhattan for lunch. We were so excited for the myriad of kosher options, but it turns out that most kosher places there are closed on Fridays. We settled on Ozu, a healthy kosher veggie Asian place. On the way I suddenly realized I was in front of CPW, a boutique my sister works with and where she picked up Avital/Molly’s hard to find black leggings. Not only did I get to introduce Slash to the girls there, but I bought her the next two sizes of the same leggings 50% off. That was the extent of my day after xmas sale shopping.

We stayed with very nice people in Teaneck for the bris. We were so nervous that Avital would keep everyone up we slept all twisted up to have her in our bed half the night so that she wouldn’t cry the normal few minutes before she goes to sleep. We still felt like she was super fussy and crying all night but in the morning everyone said they hadn’t heard anything. Then we wished we’d let her cry. I was having shooting pains in my back from the contortion! I have to go get the massage Scott got me for Hannukah…

More on the trip, and I’ll post my latest column and great pics of Avital shortly…

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