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HFHY is in the Joy of Kosher Cookbook Spotlight Today!

HFHY is in the Joy of Kosher Cookbook Spotlight Today!

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I’m thrilled to announce that The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook is today’s Cookbook Spotlight on The Joy of Kosher website!

Get over to Joy of Kosher now and enter to win a free cookbook! Plan a healthy, plant-based, family meal using the three featured recipes from The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook!

3 NEW HFHY Oatmeal Recipes on

3 NEW HFHY Oatmeal Recipes on

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Check out my 3 new oatmeal recipes on Stay tuned as The Healthy Family, Healthy You Cookbook will be their featured cookbook on December 21, 2015. I’ll post as soon as it is up. At that time you can also enter to win a free copy!

What to Eat for Dinner The Day Before Thanksgiving!

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You start cooking for Thanksgiving on Wednesday morning…realizing at 4pm that you have no idea what everyone is supposed to eat for dinner that night. So you order pizza. Sound about right?Think about dinner for just a couple minutes on Tuesday (so you can get the groceries when you go shopping for Thanksgiving), and you’ll be all set to eat a healthy, but filling meal Wednesday night. Many people say they’re just not going to eat on Wednesday or only eat salad, etc… that usually just drives them to a mindset of scarcity and straight to eating until they want to throw up on Thanksgiving day! Here are 3 tips and 2 recipes to make for a fun, indulgent, but not gluttonous, holiday.

Are you like most health-minded people that make this mistake?

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Step away from the sports drink! As many of you know, I’m deep into my training for the Miami Marathon this coming January 24. I’m walking a half marathon to benefit Friendship Circle of Maryland, an organization that promotes friendship and inclusion for children with special needs. As I analyze what I eat and drink pre and post workouts, I know one thing: I’m not going to go the route of Powerade and Gatorade.

Ready? Set? Schedule!

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If you looking for a fundraising event that is also inspirational and educational and supports or transforms the health of your community members, talk to me today (even if you aren’t in the DC area).
Supporting your community in a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is priceless!
Are you a…
Raising money for a cause, organization or event?
Show your community you care about them at the same time you provide a fun bonding event with real value and healthy support – and raise needed funds with my easy fundraising formula/event plan.
Email me at to start a conversation about your goals and what would be best for your organization. I will then send you more details and my specific recommendations.

Looking for a Healthy Dinner in 10 minutes? Look no further!

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You come home from work or carpool or kids’ afterschool activities and have no idea what’s for dinner. Put down the box of pizza bagels! There is a different 10 minute family dinner that will give you lots of protein and veggies! It’s even quicker than ordering pizza! Here is your new go-to 10 minute dinner, with ingredients that are pretty easy to keep on hand, or use for something else if you never get around to making the tacos. We all need as much flexibility as we can, right?

A Great Night and Easy Party Idea!

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Thank you to everyone who attended the Healthy Family, Healthy You launch party! I hope you had as much fun as I did. And thank you to all of you who couldn’t make it but have been ordering up a storm! (If you haven’t gotten to it yet, go to Amazon or here to order a signed copy, personally delivered by moi!)

I could feel the Healthy Family, Healthy You community creating itself!

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